Water Solutions Ltd

Water Hygiene

Cleanliness, water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of engineered water systems. As specialists in the field of water hygiene, we provide not only traditional methods of monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment of domestic and process water systems, but also innovative control systems.

All systems and practices are designed to meet specific site requirements for industrial, commercial, leisure and health care premises. All working methods and control systems comply with the latest codes of practice and specifications.

We carry out a wide range of services conforming to current standards and regulations. These include:

  • Design Fully Compliant Water Hygiene programs to control the risk of Legionella within water systems. We can ensure that the entire monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual responsibilities are met and recorded, or audit records if tasks are being carried by other responsible people.
  • Legionella Risk Assessments and Legionella Control as directed by the Health & Safety Publication “Legionnaires’ Disease – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems” Approved Code of Practice (L8) and BS.8580-1:2019
  • Disinfection of Storage Cisterns and Water Systems in accordance with HSE & British Standards specifications i.e. ACOPL8/HSG (274) part 2. & PD.855468:2015.
  • Disinfection of New or extensions of Domestic Water Systems to BS.8558 / PD.855468:2015
  • Sampling for Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems BS7592:2008
  • Sampling of Domestic Hot & Cold Water Systems in accordance with BS8554:2015