Water Solutions Ltd

Water Treatment
The treatment of water in modern closed heating and cooling systems is essential for the avoidance of microbiological fouling, corrosion and scale. These problems can result in energy wastage, poor system performance, and the need for early replacement of plant and components.

System contaminants such as mill scale, jointing compound and building debris will inevitably be found in newly-fabricated heating and cooling pipework systems . If allowed to remain in the system in sufficient quantity, these contaminants will make the system prone to blockage at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers. They may also initiate corrosion and encourage the growth of micro-organisms.

Pre-commission cleaning is achieved through a process of flushing and chemical cleaning (where required) followed by the addition of Biocides and Inhibitors to protect the system after the cleaning process.

We offer a wide range of services, which conform with all current standards and regulations. These include:

  • Pre-commission Chemical Cleaning of Closed Circuit systems to the requirements of BSRIA BG 29/2020
  • Scheduled Closed System Water Quality Maintenance, and treatment programs designed to maximise the life expectancy of plant and system components as recommended by BSRIA BG/50:2013
  • Closed system regeneration or remedial works, and control procedures designed to restore operation to systems which are experiencing operational issues or suffering from poor performance and ultimately higher energy costs for plant operation.
  • Validation Sampling of Closed Water Systems in accordance with BS.8552:2012
  • Water Treatment Chemicals such as Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, Cleaning Chemicals, and disinfectants.
  • Acid cleaning of water systems including Boilers, Condensers, Calorifiers and Cooling Towers.